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What is the “Black Friday”?


When the word “Black Friday” first appeared, it was not a holiday festival, but an avid financial crisis. In particular, the collapse of the US gold market on September 24, 1869. Two famous Wall Street financing Jay Gould and Jim Fiske spread rumors that gold would rise and urged everyone to use all their financial resources to get as much gold as possible. It is possible to get in a short time. Amazing snow. On Friday in September, the rumor broke and gold fell. Overnight, everyone suffered from the most serious loss, and the chain reaction experienced a sharp fall in the stock market as a whole, causing many people to lose their blood and mourn everywhere. This is the oldest origin of Black Friday.

However, the most common story of Black Friday after shopping after Thanksgiving is to connect it with merchants. As the story says, after losing money for a year, traditional retailers can earn handsome profits in the peak season on the second day after Thanksgiving; Here, when the US retail company is accounting, the loss is marked in red and the profit in black. This is the official Black Friday version, but this is not true.

In recent years, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, southern plantation owners say they can buy a large number of slaves at a discounted price on the second day after Thanksgiving, making it a tradition. The roots of this Black Friday are circulating among many people, but I don’t think they actually have a specific basis.

In fact, the true black Friday story in history is not as positive and full of opportunities as you think. In the early 1950s, Philadelphia City police used the term used to describe chaos on the second day after Thanksgiving, when many suburban shoppers and tourists flocked to the city during local football matches. So every Saturday of the year, the Philadelphia police can not only relax, but also have to work long hours to deal with extra people and traffic. The pickpocket uses the chaos in the shop to steal the local law enforcement department, which makes it very headache.

In Philadelphia in 1961, the name “Black Friday” became popular, so the city’s merchants called it “Big Friday” for people who wanted to shop, and in 1985 it was widely used throughout the country. At that time, a steady promotion A period of time in the business world in exchange for the largest sales of goods in the business world and become the most important holiday with their customers.

Since then, the one-day sales event has turned into a big four-day promotion, and the store will open its doors early Friday and enthusiastic customers can leave just after Thanksgiving dinner. Low prices to close the products they want to buy throughout the year. According to the American Retail Federation’s pre-holiday survey, an estimated 135.8 million Americans plan to shop on Thanksgiving weekends every year. Thus, Cuma Black Friday oldu became the most important holiday in the USA and affects the world.

When is the black Friday of this year 2019?

In China, at the end of each year, there is a double eleven shopping festival. On this day, all e-commerce companies will engage in such various activities to stimulate consumption. In the United States, there is a similar festival, that is, Black Friday. On this day, American businesses will also engage in promotions. Many people will go out shopping on this day, so in the United States, the Black Friday morning is in many shopping malls. At the door, people are already long queues.

American Thanksgiving Day (and Canada) is the last Thursday of November each year. The second day of Thanksgiving Day is “Black Friday”. It was originally referred to as the North American offline supermarket joint promotion, and later gradually became interested in online, recently After several years of Black Five activities, online sales have slowly surpassed offline, like Meiya, ebay, etc., and have moved globally, such as Nichia and Lotte, so for Chinese netizens, Black Friday is one year. The best time for Zhonghai Amoy. So when is the 2019 Black Five? What day is the 2019 Black Friday? Let’s get to know it with Xiaobian.

When is the 2019 Black Five?

American Thanksgiving Day (and Canada) is the last Thursday of November each year, and the second day of Thanksgiving is “Black Friday.” Then we look at the perpetual calendar on Baidu, November 29, 2019 is the black Friday of 2019.

What day is 2019 Black Friday?

What time is that, it is November 29, 2019 in China.

What preparations should Black Friday (Black Friday) do in advance in 2019?

[Prepare one]: Be sure to pay attention to the Black Five information early, do a list of homework, and pay attention to price trends.

[Preparation 2]: The freezing point promotion must be very small. You have to figure out what you want to buy most, then stare at one, don’t expect anything to grab.

[Preparation 3]: What you have to do is to grab the goods online and Americans, so you have to honing the skills, and then you are familiar with the shopping process. Because you are fighting with 1.3 billion people to get the goods out!

[Preparation 4]: Do a good job in the shopping list in advance, what do you want to buy, what website, when to open the purchase! Then excel sorting the priority.

[Preparation 5]: Reasonable consumption, don’t be fooled by the merchant’s discount information (such as 1 fold), bargains will also buy poor!

[Preparation 6]: Be sure to pay attention to the price comparison information. For Haitao users, it is not only the price comparison between overseas e-commerce, but also the comparison with domestic prices.

[Preparation Seven]: To get the latest, occasionally small-scale special offers for a certain group of people, so you can subscribe to the newsletter (promotional mail) of those businesses in advance, especially like Amazon, which can be based on Your shopping browsing behavior to recommend products and keep you informed of the latest promotions. In addition, many websites have additional offers for new customers and VIPs, remember to collect them.

[Preparation Eight]: For advance understanding of the offer, there are often discounts for those categories and sub-populations, and paying attention to additional coupons or promotional codes can help you save more money.

[Preparation Nine]: The official website offers are more expensive than the official website of 3C products. However, the high-margin goods such as daily necessities, cosmetics, and clothing are usually more favorable, and often added to each. Kind of small gifts, trials, etc., it is more cost-effective to calculate.

[Preparation 10]: If you want to buy luxury goods or designer brand clothing, collect these brands and websites that you care about in advance, you need to subscribe to the promotional emails in advance, and then ensure that you will know the news of these promotions in the first moment. And then you have to start fast enough. Please remember that Haitao is rushing to stock up with people all over the world!